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At CSBP we believe that what you put in determines what you get out. That’s why we’ve been investing in our fertiliser more than any other WA supplier to ensure you get the most from your CSBP fertiliser investment.

Locally developed fertiliser products

We invest in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality fertilisers and offer a wide range based on the unique mix of conditions and soils experienced in our state. 

We began manufacturing our first Super Phos pasture fertiliser in 1910. We now offer a range of solid fertilisers developed specifically for local soils. Our range includes our popular Agras, Agstar, K-Till and MacroPro cropping fertilisers, which are ideal for growing cereals and canola. 

We pioneered liquid fertiliser production in WA. Our Flexi-N liquid nitrogen fertiliser is considered one of the best on the market. Find out more about CSBP products

Research and field trials

Since 1925, we have been carrying out replicated field trials and research on fertiliser needs to better understand Western Australian soils and conditions. 

This ongoing commitment to research has allowed us to create local fertilisers for local conditions and help to give you the best advice possible. Find a field trial near you

Technology and advice

We continue to research the latest technology applications in agriculture and develop easy-to-use nutritional services that complement our existing NUlogic Soil and Plant Analysis and lab analysis services.

We recently launched FERTview, an online nutritional services tool that uses your agronomic and mapping data to help support better fertiliser decisions. Discover the nutritional services available 
To find out how CSBP can help you this season, view our Market Offers or contact your local CSBP Area Manager.