At CSBP, we are more than just a fertiliser supplier. From field research to the products we manufacture and supply, and the nutritional planning services we offer, we are constantly thinking about our environmental impact on the communities we serve and operate in.

We are committed to improving our environmental performance. We acknowledge and support the scientific consensus on climate change and are committed to contributing positively to the global goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, consistent with the Paris Agreement.

This is why we uphold the highest professional standards and provide informed advice to our customers.

We invest heavily in research to develop our industry leading products and use cutting edge technology to support sustainable nutrient management practices. 


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2021 Capability Statement

Our Commitment Pillars

Sustainable farming 2021

Sustainable farming

We define sustainable farming as methods and practices that are economically viable, environmentally sound and minimise risks to health (Fertilizer Australia 2021).
Best practice icon 2021

Best practice

We comply with all relevant laws and other obligations and collaborate with key regulators and industry associations to facilitate input into legislation, guidelines and industry best practice.
Impact reduction icon 2021

Impact reduction

To us, sustainable nutrient management practices are those that maintain or enhance the economic viability of agricultural production, the natural resource base; and other ecosystems which are influenced by agricultural activities.
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We recognise that sustainability of the environment directly affects the sustainability of agricultural businesses. We promote and encourage environmentally sound practices and work with our customers, agronomic consultants and other stakeholders.

Agronomic insights

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