Flexi-N has been tested in CSBP field trials since 1997. 

Trials have compared Flexi-N to alternative nitrogen (N) sources, banding to pre and post seeding applications, and single compared to split applications. Other trials have looked at the benefit of late applications to wheat and canola, the performance of tank mixes with pesticides and trace elements, and responses in pastures.

Trials have shown that Flexi-N is a very effective N source with many applications. 

Dumbleyung Flexi-N graph

N applied kg/ha

Dumbleyung 2001. Sandy loam (wheat)

Darkan Flexi-N graph 2

Darkan 2013. Gravelly loamy sand (100% flowering canola)
James Easton
By James Easton
- Senior Agronomist
James has 30 years’ experience in agriculture since joining CSBP in 1988.

James has been involved in Field Research through various roles as an Agricultural Officer, Area Manager, Regional Agronomist, Field Research Manager and now Senior Agronomist. As Senior Agronomist he works with the CSBP Agronomy and Field Research teams to further our understanding of crop and pasture fertiliser requirements under constantly evolving farming systems and practices.

James is passionate about plant nutrition and sharing this knowledge with work colleagues and farmers as well as with the broader industry. 

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