CSBP Laboratory

Our soil and plant analysis laboratory is the largest of its kind in Australia and is recognised around the world as a leader in soil and plant testing. 

We know our chemistry – we’ve been helping farmers, agronomists and researchers with soil analysis since 1971 and plant analysis since 1975. We deliver accurate and timely soil, plant and water analysis results. 

We’re independent, with accreditation from the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council for a wide range of tests.


How to order

Lab customers

For soil, plant and water analysis download the order forms below.  

Most soil analysis results are available eight working days from when the samples arrive at the lab, where as plant analysis results are generally available four working days after they arrive.

CSBP Fertilisers customers

If you're a CSBP Fertiliser customer, we have a tailored NUlogic Soil and Plant Analysis package for you. Contact your local Area Manager to order and plan your sampling.

Contact us

Our opening hours are 7.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday (AWST). 

E: analysis@csbp.com.au 
P: 08 9434 4600

CSBP Lab Address
2 Altona Street, 
Bibra Lake WA 6163


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