Pay Now, Collect Later Term's & Conditions

  1. Tonnage limits apply to products available under Pay Now, Collect Later (determined by CSBP at its discretion). CSBP reserves the right to close Pay Now, Collect Later without notice if customer forecasts exceed the tonnes available from time to time under Pay Now, Collect Later.
  2. Fertiliser ordered under Pay Now, Collect Later will be invoiced, and amounts will be due and payable, at the time of the order. The price you pay is based on the CSBP recommended retail list price for the fertiliser at the time of order less eligible discounts
    under this FSA and any other agreed discounts.
  3. You must specify the collection month within a collection window in which you will collect the product and may not collect product earlier than the commencement of that forecast month unless approved by a member of CSBP’s Customer Service Team.
  4. Collection Windows are –
    Window One - 1 September 2021 and 31 March 2022; or
    Window Two - 1 April 2022 and 31 August 2022
  5. For product ordered for collection in Window One, a storage and insurance fee of $15 per tonne per month or part thereof will be charged by CSBP, and amounts will be payable, after the Window One closes, on the first working day of each month until the order is collected or cancelled. The fee is payable prior to collection of orders.- For example, if you placed an order for collection within Window One and do not collect any or all of the tonnes ordered by 31 March 2022 you will be invoiced on first working day of April for $15 per uncollected tonne.
  6. If you cancel your order or do not collect all of the tonnes ordered by 31 August 2022, your order will be cancelled to the extent of the uncollected product and CSBP will credit the balance owing to your Vendor account in respect of the cancelled order or
    uncollected tonnes (as the case may be), less:
    a. a washout fee, of the difference between the value of fertiliser ordered as at the date of invoice (based on the CSBP recommended retail list price at the date of invoice) and the value of that fertiliser at the earlier of the time of change/ cancellation (based on the CSBP recommended retail list price at that time) where the CSBP recommended retail list price is lower at the time of change/cancellation than at the time of invoice; and
    b. a cancellation fee of $60 per tonne in respect of that fertiliser; and
    c. all applicable outstanding storage and insurance fees referred to above in respect of that fertiliser. The fees and charges set out above represent a genuine pre-estimate of the loss and damage suffered in the event of cancellation of an order or non-collection of fertiliser ordered, and are not intended to be a penalty.
  7. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other FSA benefits, except the Nutrition Services Incentive.

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