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What is the minimum amount of fertiliser I can order?

CSBP has a minimum order of one tonne for each type of fertiliser.

Why doesn’t CSBP post prices on their website?

Global and local fertiliser prices are subject to continuous change.

The types of factors that can impact on local prices include:

  • Timing of purchase and stocks
  • Final volumes of imported products and raw materials
  • Offshore prices when shipments are secured
  • The Australian dollar / US dollar exchange rate for each shipment
  • Freight rates for each shipment

For an individual farmer, the price will also depend on discounts based on long term and short term offers in the market that may suit the growers’ business needs at the time of order and/or collection.

For these reasons, CSBP provides prices and offers through its comprehensive network of area managers and sales agents throughout Western Australia.

I have already ordered my fertiliser through my FSA, so why is my order not released and ready to appoint?

The FSA lists your fertiliser forecast, but a forecast is not an order. You will still need to order your fertiliser through a CSBP area manager or sales agent and ask them to release the order to CSBP. If you would prefer, CSBP can arrange for your order to be released and can also make an appointment for you to collect your fertiliser.

Does CSBP sell fertiliser in bags?

CSBP only sells fertiliser in bulk with a minimum order of one tonne for each type of fertiliser.

I usually pick up a custom blend. Do I need to give prior notice or can I pick up on the same day?

CSBP prefers at least 24 hours notice for custom blends, especially as these need to be specially blended and stored ready for collection.

Does CSBP sell outside of WA?

CSBP does not sell to farmers outside WA.

Could you please tell me how many litres are in a tonne of Flexi-N?

Flexi-N has a specific gravity of 1.32 kg/L, which means 1000 litres of Flexi-N weighs 1.32 tonnes. (Water has a specific gravity of 1kg/L, so 1000 litres weighs one tonne).One tonne of Flexi-N contains 757 litres. (1/1.32)

Does CSBP supply prilled urea?

CSBP only supplies granular urea. Prilled urea has been sold in the past but has caused handling and storage problems for WA farmers.

Can you provide me with a list of pesticides that mix with CSBP liquid fertilisers?

CSBP provides a list of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides that are sprayable with our liquid fertilisers, i.e. they can be mixed with adequate agitation and sprayed or banded. CSBP makes no claim regarding the efficacy of these mixed pesticides. Contact your local area manager who will be able to assist you.

Market offers

When do I receive my rebate?

Many of CSBP Market Offers now include up-front volume discounts while other offers include rebates. Please contact customer service on 1800 808 728 for information on the timing and amount of your rebates.

Despatch and Delivery

Can you deliver fertiliser direct to my farm?

CSBP can recommend bulk fertiliser contractors that deliver to your area or arrange delivery direct to your farm. The invoice for your fertiliser delivery would come to you from the contractor involved.

Can you deliver Flexi-N into an on-farm water storage tank?

Flexi-N is far heavier than water, and therefore it is unsafe to unload this liquid fertiliser into a standard water tank – this could cause failure of the tank, loss of product and potential injury. CSBP will only deliver Flexi-N into fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks or approved polyethylen tanks specifically designed for liquid fertiliser storage, most commonly made by Coerco or Tanks West. 

How come I have to wait to be loaded at CSBP?

Customers who arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment time will be given loading priority. Customers who arrive late or more than 15 minutes early will be loaded at the first opportunity, as long as it does not inconvenience another customer who has arrived on time CSBP plans to load all trucks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our loading performance and employee performance is monitored and measured daily.

Do we need to let you know we are running late for our appointment?

We suggest you let CSBP know as soon as you realise you will not arrive on time. This gives us an opportunity to arrange a new appointment based on availability and an estimate of your new arrival time.

Who can I call for help on my fertiliser delivery or if I wish to talk to someone about my delivery?

You can call the Customer Service Freecall Number 1800 198 365

If the product is pre-weighed at the plant, why do we have to weigh in and out on another weighbridge?

CSBP is part of the Main Roads Certified Weighbridge Mass Management Scheme. This allows us to ensure legal loading of vehicles and to check truck permits and registrations. Our system records trucks that are legally allowed to load to extra mass or which have concessional permits.

FAQs - Services

How much does a NUlogic Soil Analysis Kit cost?

The recommended retail price for the six sample kit is $298 plus GST, but may vary. Contact your local CSBP area manager for specific prices.

How much does a NUlogic Plant Analysis Kit cost?

The recommended retail price for the four sample kit is $204 plus GST, but may vary. Please contact your local CSBP area manager for specific prices.

What does the price of the NUlogic kit include?

The price of the kit includes materials and postage (detailed sampling instructions, sample bags, prepaid box for mailing the samples to the lab) and the cost of the standard laboratory analyses. You will receive a written report of the analytical results i.e. the soil or plant nutrient levels. 

What about the cost of Optional Additional Tests?

Non-routine tests (aluminium, trace elements, exchangeable cations) are not included in the cost of the kit. If you want these, fill in the Optional Additional Tests form in the kit and include payment details (credit card authority or enclosed cheque).

 For more information please call the CSBP Soil and Plant Analysis Laboratory on 08 9434 4600.

Does the price of the kit include a NUlogic interpretation of the results and fertiliser recommendations?

No, the cost of the complete NUlogic service is not included in the price of the kit. However, if you are a CSBP fertiliser customer, you will receive the NUlogic interpretation and recommendation free of charge.

Who can I get to take my soil samples?

There are a number of contractors who will collect soil samples for you. SoilTech have a number of contractors across the agricultural region who routinely use GPS location for the sampling sites.

When is the best time to take soil samples?

Soil samples are best taken immediately after harvest for cropping paddocks or after pasture senescence in early summer. See the sampling instructions in the kit for more information. Peak laboratory times are during February and March each year.

Who can I get to take my plant samples?

Unlike soil sampling, there are no large-scale contractors who will take plant samples. Collecting plant samples for tissue analysis is best done by yourself or your agronomist who can record useful observations in the field.

When is the best time to sample plants?

This depends upon the plant you are sampling. See the sampling instructions in the kit for details. 

How long will it take to get my soil and plant analysis results back?

From when you mail your soil samples to when you receive a visit from your NUlogic adviser, if you are a CSBP customer, the average time taken will be two to three weeks. This period can increase to four to five weeks during the busiest months of February and March. Once received at the laboratory, soil samples are analysed within 10 working days, so if you would like an early indication of your results please contact your NUlogic adviser after this time.

Plant analysis results usually take less time to process. On average will take five to seven working days from arrival at the laboratory to delivery by a NUlogic adviser. Plants are analysed within five working days with raw results mailed or provided to your NUlogic advisor for interpretation and delivery.

How much soil do I need to supply for my soil test?

It is recommended that 500-600 grams of soil is collected per sample. The sample bags supplied in the kit have a dotted line indicating how much soil is recommended. For more information, see the sampling instructions in the kit.

How much plant material do I need to supply for my plant test?

It is recommended that 50-100 grams should be sampled to help overcome variability. Depending upon the plant size, and whether the whole plant is sampled or only a specific part, the sample boxes provided in the kit should be loosely filled with plant material. For wheat this is about 20 whole shoots. For more information, see the sampling instructions in the kit.