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Coating Service

CSBP coats granular fertilisers at Kwinana, Geraldton, Albany and Esperance. These facilities provide a uniform coverage of Intake Pro® on the fertiliser, which is an option for effective control of fungal pathogens.

Intake Pro®

Intake Pro® is a broad spectrum fungicide manufactured by Crop Care. The active ingredient is Flutrialfol. Intake Pro® can be coated on granulated fertilisers or mixed with liquid fertilisers and applied in-furrow. It can also be applied as a foliar spray.

UNIFORM® fungicide

UNIFORM®, from Syngenta, is the only fungicide registered for control of Rhizoctonia, Pythium & stripe rust with suppression of yellow leaf spot. UNIFORM reduces the incidence and size of Rhizoctonia bare patch and is associated with a yield advantage where used in Rhizoctonia infested paddocks. UNIFORM can be coated on granulated fertilisers or mixed with many liquid fertilisers.