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Agstar Range

Agstar RangeSome of WA’s most popular cropping fertilisers are featured in the Agstar range. The products provide a balanced supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur for most farming systems.

Typical Analysis (w/w%)

  N P K S Ca Cu Zn Mo  Mn  Bulk Density
Agstar 14.3 14.0   9.6         0.98
Agstar Extra 14.1 14.2   9.2   0.10 0.20     0.98
Agstar Copper 13.9 14.2   9.1   0.66 0.14     0.98
Agstar Zinc 13.9
14.2   9.0   0.10 0.82     0.98
Agstar Copper Zinc 13.9 14.2   9.0   0.38 0.48     0.98
Agstar Copper Zinc Moly 13.9 14.2   9.0   0.38 0.48 0.025   0.98
Agstar Trace 14.2 14.0   9.5   0.06 0.13     0.98
Agstar Manganese 11.9 14.1   8.6   0.10 0.20   3.21 0.98


  • Fully granulated compound fertiliser with granules mainly in the 2-4mm range
  • Balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur for a wide range of cropping situations and contains all nutrients in every granule
  • Based on Sulphate of Ammonia and have a pH of 4.8-5.2
  • Agstar Extra supplies maintenance rates of trace elements


  • Excellent handling and storage, especially in humid conditions
  • Good starter levels of nitrogen and sulphur for high potential crops
  • Ideal to be applied through air seeders and machines with peg or fluted rollers
  • Ideal supply of phosphorus for soils with a moderate to high requirement
  • Sulphate sulphur is immediately available for plant uptake
  • Other varients include Agstar Zinc (heavy soils), Agstar Copper Zinc, Agstar Copper Zinc Moly (low pH soils or where molybdenum is required) 


  • Trouble free handling and storage at seeding
  • Balanced nutrient application
  • Achieve yield and quality potential with sulphate sulphur
  • Good sulphur levels to achieve yield improve grain quality
  • Improves application rates and the localised acidity of Agstar fertilisers improve trace element availability (zinc and manganese)
  • Increased yields with improved access to immobile nutrients and greater trace element availability
  • Improves seeding timeliness and reduce product loss in storage


Agstar products may be used as a starter fertiliser for all cereal crops over a wide range of soil types and conditions. Especially suited to high potential crops with reasonably high phosphorus requirement.