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Agyield Range

These products are based on DAP and allow farmers to apply a high level of phosphate in situations where needed.

Typical Analysis (w/w%)

  N P K S Ca Cu Zn Mo Mn Bulk Density
Agyield 17.6 17.8   3.8     0.01  0.001  0.02 0.95
Agyield Extra 17.6 17.8   3.8   0.10 0.20  0.001  0.02 0.95


  • All of the sulphur in Agyield is in the plant available sulphate sulphur form 
  • Contains products with trace elements in every granule 
  • Supplies high levels of phosphorus for high yielding crops or where soil phosphorus supply limits yield potential 


  • Sulphate sulphur is immediately available for plant uptake
  • Trace elements across all granules improves their uptake and distribution
  • Agyield fertilisers are concentrated forms of nutrient, benefiting situations where storage is limited


  • Supplies starter levels of sulphate sulphur
  • Manageable application rates of fertiliser in situations requiring high levels of phosphorus 
  • Improved seeding and storage efficiency
  • Reduced potential for trace element deficiency


Use Agyield products at seeding where phosphorus requirements are high and low humidity conditions are common during use.