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Flexi-N Range

Flexi-N RangeThe Flexi-N Range is a locally developed liquid fertilisers which apply nitrogen, sulphur and potassium evenly and accurately.

Typical Analysis (w/w%)

  N P K S Bulk Density
Flexi-N 32.0
Flexi-NK 15.0
Flexi-NP 11.0 16.1     1.44
NS-Rapid 20.0     4.9  1.27
Liqui-NS 21.5     5.5  1.24 

Typical Analysis (w/v%) 




pH Range

Flexi-N 42.2
Flexi-NK 18.0
Flexi-NP 15.8  23.1     6.0-7.5 
NS-Rapid 25.3      6.2  6.5-6.8 
Liqui-NS 26.7      6.8  6.5-7.5


  • A flexible nitrogen source for every situation
  • Can be applied pre-seeding, at seeding and post-emergent through a range of application equipment
  • Flexi-N contains three forms of nitrogen: 25% nitrate , 25% ammonium and 50% urea. Nitrate is available immediately to plants while ammonium and urea become available more slowly enabling a controlled release of nitrogen over an extended period
  • Clear liquids which is stored in on-farm storage tanks


  • Economical to store and remains stable in storage from one year to the next
  • Allows you to “play the season” by matching nitrogen applications to yield potential and applied through-out the season to fit in with existing management practices in combination with pesticides and trace elements
  • Applied through a boomsprayer which are considerably more accurate and time efficient compared with spreading equipment
  • Improve nitrogen efficiency with banded nitrogen, with less potential for seedling toxicity
  • Reduced blockages compared to urea in moist conditions
  • Staggered release of nitrogen resulting in reduced volatilisation and reduced leaching losses


  • Improves your risk management strategies and in-season responsiveness
  • Improves nitrogen utilisation in unfavourable seasonal conditions
  • Improves returns on your fertiliser inputs through accuracy of application
  • Increases your yields with trouble-free banding of nitrogen
  • Improved storage and logistics when additional nitrogen is not required 


Flexi-N is suitable for application through both boomsprayer and liquid seeder system. Although Flexi-N is less toxic than urea, separation from the seed 2-3 centimetres is recommended when banding. As part of a balanced fertiliser programme for cereals and canola Flexi-N may be applied before, at or after sowing, with solid fertilisers such as Agstar or K-Till used at seeding. Beware that that applying with agricultural pesticides can increase the risk of leaf scorch with post-emergent applications.

Flexi-N can be applied with a boomsprayer during the season to boost production of grassy pastures. Best responses can be expected following the application of Super Phos or Super Potash in the autumn. It is recommended that grazing is deferred for 10 days following application of the Flexi-N to prevent nitrate poisoning.

 Use it with Flexi-N

Flexi-N is able to be mixed and sprayed with a wide range of commonly used pesticides.