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Introducing Super Phos Extra

SUPER PHOS EXTRAPut trace elements back into your paddocks. Super Phos Extra is a new cost-effective way to evenly spread trace elements across your paddocks. Every granule contains maintenance levels of copper and zinc for improved pasture and livestock productivity.

Typical Analysis (w/w%)

  P S Ca Cu Zn Mo Bulk Density
Super Phos Extra *NEW*
9.1 10.1 19.0 0.10 0.10   1.15
Super Copper Zinc Moly 9.0 10.1 19.0 0.60 0.30 0.060 1.15
 Super Phos
9.1 10.5 20.0    1.15



WA pastures require 1-2 kg/ha of copper and zinc every 7-10 years. However, with Super Phos Extra you can effectively put on maintenance Cu & Zn each and every year.

  • Spread the cost of trace elements over multiple years.
  • Spread trace elements more evenly across your paddocks.
  • Super Phos Extra can be blended with either Muriate or Sulphate of Potash and available in any ratio i.e. 5.1 3.1 etc.
Remember, results from a NUlogic Plant Analysis kit are the most accurate way to tell if trace elements are low in your plants.


  • As Super Phos Extra has a wide range of particle sizing, this is the most effective way of applying trace elements in topdressed granular fertilisers.
  • At 150 kg/ha, 0.15 kg/ha Cu & 0.15 kg/ha Zn is applied each year. Over a 7 year period at that rate you effectively get 1 kg of Cu & 1 kg Zn.
  • Over the space of 7 years at 150 kg/ha you are effectively putting trace elements in 1000 kg of product to get 1 kg of copper and 1 kg of zinc with Super Phos Extra. If you used Super Copper Zinc Moly you would only need to apply 160 kg/ha to get the same amount of copper. (i.e. more than 6 times the amount of product with Super Phos Extra over the same period of time will provide 6 times the active sites).
  • If Super Phos Extra is applied at a rate of 150 kg/ha to maintain trace elements, the cost would be an extra $4.50/ha compared with Super Phos

 To find out more or to place an order, contact your local CSBP area manager or sale agent.


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