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Safety Data Sheets

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document that provides basic information about our products:

  • ingredients
  • its health effects and first-aid instructions
  • precautions for use
  • safe handling and storage information and
  • emergency procedures. 

Some SDS downloads relate to a range or products. This is displayed in the table below:


Flexi-N Download
Flexi-NK Download
Flexi-NP Download
NS-Rapid Download
Liqui-NS Download

Cropping fertilisers - high sulphur/maintenance phosphorus

Agras Download
Agras Extra Download
Agras Copper Download
Agras Zinc Download
Agras Copper Zinc Download
Agras Copper Zinc Moly Download
Nutri-gras Download
Mallee Download
Mallee Extra Download
Mallee Manganese Download
Mallee Zinc Download

Cropping Fertilisers - Balanced phosphorus/balanced sulphur

Agstar Download
Agstar Extra Download
Agstar Zinc Download
Agstar Copper Download
Agstar Copper Zinc Download
Agstar Copper Zinc Moly Download
Agstar Trace Download
Agstar Manganese Download
Nutri-Star Download

Cropping Fertilisers - high phosphorus/maintenance sulphur

Agflow Download
Agflow Extra Download
Agflow Zinc Download
Agflow Copper Download
Agflow Copper Zinc Download
Agflow Copper Zing Moly Download
Agflow Manganese
Agflow Trace Download
Agyield Download
Agyield Extra Download
Agyield Zinc Download
Agyield Copper Download
Agyield Copper Zinc Download
AgNP Download
EconoFlow Download
Nutri-flow Download
MAP Download
DAP Download
DapNP Download

Cropping Fertilisers - balanced nitrogen/phosphorus/potassium

MacroPro Extra Download
MacroPro Copper Download
MacroPro Zinc Download
MacroPro Plus Download
MacroPro Boost Download
K-Till Extra Download
K-Till Copper Download
K-Till Zinc Download
K-Till Plus Download
K-Till Extra Plus Download
K-Till Boost                                     Download
 K-Till Maganese

Cropping Fertilisers - pulse and lupin

Big Phos Download
Big Phos Manganese Download
Double Phos Download
Double Phos Premium
All Phos Download

Nitrogen/sulphur/potassium fertiliser

NS31 Download
NS51 Download
NS61 Download
NK11 Download
NK21 Download
NK31 Download
NKS11 Download
NKS21 Download
NKS32 Download
GranNS Download
Urea Download
Sulfate of Ammonia                      Download
Muriate of Potash   Download
Sulfate of Potash Download

Pasture fertilisers

Super Phos Download
Super Phos Extra Range
Super Copper Zinc Download
Super Copper Zinc Moly Download
Super Potash 5:1 Download
Super Potash 4:1 Download
Super Potash 3:1 Download
Super Potash 2:1 Download
Super Potash 3:2 Download
Super Potash 1:1 Download
TEK Phos 5:1 Download
TEK Phos 4:1 Download
TEK Phos 3:1 Download
TEK Phos 2:1 Download
TEK Phos 1:1 Download
Super SoP 3:1 Download
Super SoP 2:1 Download
Super SoP 5:1 Download
Super SoP 4:1 Download
Super SoP 1:1 Download
Mega Phos Download
Mega Phos 3:1 Download
Mega Phos 4:1 Download
Mega Phos 5:1 Download
Super SR Range
Super SR Extra
Super SR Extra Range

Spring pasture fertilisers

Hayburst Download
Springburst Download
Grazeburst Download
Econo-graze Download
Autumnburst Download
Autumnburst Plus Download

Horticultural and speciality fertilisers

Potato E Download
Potato E Extra Download
NPK Blue Special Download
Horticulture Special Download
Hortiphos Download
Garden Download
Lawn Download
Turf Special Download
Spurt-N Download
Fertliser Blends Containing 10% or Greater Manganese Download
Fertiliser Blends Containing Less Than 10% Manganese Download