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NK Range

NK RangeThis range of nitrogen and potassium granule fertilisers is ideal for any type of soil that needs a top-up of these nutrients. This range of solid fertilisers is characterised by easy handling and spreading. Best suited to use soon after purchase, time your application for the best agronomic result. Given the high content of hygroscopic nitrogen in these products, it is recommended not to store them for extended periods, but rather to apply soon after collection. 

Typical Analysis (w/w%)

  N P K S Ca Cu  Zn  Mo  Mn  Bulk Density
NK21 31.7
NK31 36.8


  • Formulated to maximise yield
  • Tailored nutrient ratios for WA conditions


  • Size matched granules reduce potential for segregation in storage and transport, ensuring even application of nutrients
  • Specifically formulated for high leaching and high production environments that benefit from multiple applications
  • Excellent top-ups for sandy soils with low organic matter in medium to high rainfall environments


  • Maximise your yields and use nitrogen efficiently