Does your farm have the right amount of on-farm storage for next year’s Flexi-N requirements? Reducing delays in peak delivery periods can be the financial difference in achieving estimated yields based on correct N timing. Don’t be caught short.

Ensuring adequate Flexi-N storage throughout the year provides you the flexibility to apply product when your crop needs it and the added confidence to retain for next year if the season lacks confidence. In an unpredictable year such as this, that long-term storage component should be the biggest deciding factor in increasing your tank numbers to shift away from granular nitrogen.

Tanks are a cheap and convenient method of storing your fertiliser with various logistical benefits to enhance your farming operations. For example, when you’re away on holidays with the family and need to take delivery of product, remove that stress with more Flexi-N tanks because liquid carriers can easily transfer product whilst you’re miles away enjoying yourself.

Flexi-N Carrier

We understand the cash flow concerns for farmers leading up to harvest and for that reason, we are pleased to offer our post-harvest payment terms again on all Flexi-N tanks. This offer allows our customers to increase your liquid fertiliser storage if required or take the opportunity to switch to Flexi-N today without the pain of settlement until 25 January 2018. Free up some of that shed space and never have to worry about deteriorating product quality again.

We have maintained a strong relationship with two of WA’s leading tank manufacturers Tanks West and Coerco (formerly Rapid Plastics) based on the confidence of their specifically designed tanks to the engineered standards required to safely contain our Flexi-N range of products. Sizes range from 23.000L (30t) up to the bigger 60,000L (80t) and both suppliers are proud to offer free delivery within 800kms of the Perth metro area including 10yr warranty on all tanks sold. 

Flexi-N on-farm storage

As a general rule of thumb, most established Flexi-N users set up on-farm storage to accommodate 60-80% of their annual requirements to ensure complete control with N timing applications. The bigger tanks are proving more popular because they allow for product delivery without completely emptying a tank. Sometimes it is even comforting to know that you have room to accommodate product to take full advantage of cheap Nitrogen pricing requiring early collections.

With post-emergent applications finished for the year, most tanks in the Eastern/ Southern regions will be close to empty; therefore it is the ideal time to carry out site inspections on all of your tank pads to reassess integrity and bunding conditions in preparation for another season. Once this has been established, why not enquire on a Flexi-N early collection offer to complement that new tank delivery in readiness for next season or prevent risk on any price movements for nitrogen. Fill and forget is one of the great advantages of Flexi-N, meaning once it’s in the tank you can concentrate on other things.

For more information on our extensive range of Flexi-N storage or cartage tanks available or to learn more on the care & maintenance of your tank - please speak to your local CSBP Area Manager today.
Luke Dawson
By Luke Dawson
- Senior Agronomist
Luke was raised on the family farm at Warralakin east of Mukinbudin before completing a degree at the Muresk Institute of Agriculture. 

Luke started with CSBP in 2005 as a trainee Area Manager and has since worked as an Area Manager based in Hyden, Esperance, and Dalwallinu and District Manager for the Central Midlands District, now based in Kwinana as the Senior Agronomist. 

Luke brings a strong nutritional background to the role, as well as a focus adding value through CSBP's services. 

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