With our trials harvesting program in full swing, the trials team are working their way across the state and results are starting to come in. 

Our long term lime x potassium (K) trial that was harvested in late November, has now been analysed, resulting in some favourable responses.

Banding 100kg/ha of K-Till Extra Plus supplied enough K (13 units) with no response to higher K inputs in canola grown this year. At this trial for a cost of $25/ha for potassium we received $200/ha return on our investment. While not statistically significant we have seen an increase in yield of approximately 200kg/ha from applying lime.

South East trial results

*No MOP applied 2017 **No MOP applied 2016 & 2017

Key points
• Banded K is more efficient than top-dressed K 
• Potassium gave us instant economical returns while lime is a long term investment


Scott Nelson
By Scott Nelson
- Agronomy Lead

Scott was raised in Narrogin on a farm at Nomans Lake. 

After a stint on the family farm, Scott also worked for several local rural and merchandise businesses and his own retail sporting business before joining CSBP in 2010, as an Esperance Area Manager.

Scott’s knowledge and passion for crop nutrition saw him move into the role of Agronomist for the Esperance and Eastern regions, and then to his current role as CSBP Agronomy Lead in 2018. 

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