Introducing the FIM-F module pump housing and Friction Flow™, a retrofit banding kit that can easily be fitted to any seeding machine, providing every grower easy entry into accurate and precision application of Flexi-N.

We are excited to announce that we have recently collaborated with local specialist Furrow Management Systems Australia (FMSA) to finally offer our customers an affordable and premium DIY solution to help them start banding sooner. FMSA have developed a basic ‘bolt-on’ system that gives everyone the ability to convert their existing seeder into a liquid banding assembly for improved fertiliser efficiency. Dan Ladyman from Kojonup converted his John Deere bar in April this year and describes the process as surprisingly simple, even declaring that only a basic understanding of how liquids flow is all you need to comfortably carry out the installation yourself.

One of the main benefits of banding Flexi-N below the root zone at seeding is the improved uptake of nitrogen and efficiency gains provided by the precision and even distribution in-furrow. Growers also appreciate the ability to mix fungicides and trace elements in the same in-furrow application using Flexi-N as the carrier for better placement. Unlike urea, Flexi-N is less prone to blockages, less toxic and can be very effective in high weed burden situations. 


Friction Flow

Rather than a small restriction point like an orifice plate or in-line restrictors, Friction Flow™ uses a larger internal diameter tubing over a distance to create an accurate and even metering system. This unique design provides a greater range of application rates and minimal chance of blockages, even when using more complex liquid product combinations. All tubing is manufactured from the highest grade nylon for its chemical resistance, UV stability and wall strength to prevent kinking, crushing or internal distortion. Tubing is supplied using a “Suzi” spring coil - designed to wrap around existing delivery hosing or tyne assembly. 

The incorporation of non-drip valves, push fit fittings and Friction Flow™ tubing holds liquid products right to the end of the tubing when shut-off to prevent any dripping. Installations can be upgraded for section control and individual tyne shut-off without having to change or remove any existing componentry due to its modular design. Complete backend systems are ready in kit form for easy installation or a customised retro-fit design can be prepared to fit an existing set-up.

liquid banding  

FIM-F Module

The Furrow Injection Module from FMSA is built using ARAG componentry, stainless steel hardware and high grade housing to provide long life and reliability. Every system is fully wet tested at factory and ready for installation when it arrives on farm. At the heart of the FIM-F, is a hydraulic motor driven poly pump that produces high volume, low pressure agitation to maintain even suspension of products across all tank mixes. 
The FIM-F has been specifically developed with ease of operation in mind and when coupled with a Friction Flow™ backend system will give you peace of mind that your crop is well prepared by Flexi-N banding to tackle a possible tough season ahead.

FIM-F module

Banding Flexi-N upfront is a logical progression into precision farming, therefore, if you want to increase fertiliser efficiency, save a pass early in the season and improve crop yields then speak to your local CSBP Area Manager today to learn more about our banding kits available. 
Luke Dawson
By Luke Dawson
- Senior Agronomist
Luke was raised on the family farm at Warralakin east of Mukinbudin before completing a degree at the Muresk Institute of Agriculture. 

Luke started with CSBP in 2005 as a trainee Area Manager and has since worked as an Area Manager based in Hyden, Esperance, and Dalwallinu and District Manager for the Central Midlands District, now based in Kwinana as the Senior Agronomist. 

Luke brings a strong nutritional background to the role, as well as a focus adding value through CSBP's services. 

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