Pasture is at its most valuable early in the growing season.

Early topdressing of Super Phos or Super Phos Extra can be critical to the performance of pasture. Pastures will have the best growth response when CSBP pasture products are applied early.

Topdressing before the break provides phosphorus  for early root development increases early feed production, and maximises total annual production. When Super Phos or Super Phos Extra is applied early , clover and grass seedlings can start using it as soon as the seeds germinate after the first rains. 

In a CSBP trial last year at Many Peaks early topdressing of 150kg/ha Super Phos extra increased early feed production by 400kg/ha, providing considerable stocking rate advantages – an extra 0.8 DSE/ha for the year. At $45 gross margin per DSE, that’s $36/ha, which pays for a lot of Super Phos Extra. 

Conversely where we applied 300 kg/ha Super Phos extra we grew an extra 0.7t/ha of DM with the first measurement on the 8th May.

Early feed production in WA is crucial in maintaining successful and profitable pasture systems. Feed supply early in the season is at a premium as this is when there is the heaviest reliance on hand feeding of stock. Early feed production can save time and money and means less reliance on hand feeding.

The fundamentals of topdressing pastures has never been better. By soil testing pasture paddocks farmers can ensure the correct fertiliser decisions are made prior to the break. 

At the  same trial near Many Peaks 5 pasture cuts were taken through the growing season with total DM production measuring up to 8t/ha. There was a 1.6t/ha response to 150 Super Phos Extra and 2.6t/ha up to 300 kg/ha Super Phos Extra (see table).

Many Peaks

Assume : $280/t for feed , $45 GM/DSE , 500kg/ha pa to run 1 DSE

Keith Gundill
By Keith Gundill
- Senior Account Manager

Keith comes from a family farming near Three Springs in the northern agricultural region of Western Australia. Since joining CSBP over twenty years ago, he has held agronomy, field research trials and sales roles in Dalwallinu, Perenjori, the Eastern Wheatbelt and Albany. As a result, Keith has extensive plant nutrition knowledge in high and low rainfall environments for broadacre crops and pastures. 

In his current role as Account Manager, Keith continues to share his knowledge and experience with growers to help them make informed decisions about fertiliser use.


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