Exciting times for CSBP trials in 2018!  Our trials team are now working closely with our newly formed Agronomy team and are focused on delivering high quality trials that are topical to local districts. We are also keen to strengthen the relationships with consultants and Farmer Improvement Groups to ensure maximum collaboration with the community.

Product strategies, product development, granular distribution and liquid fertiliser application are among our trial topics in 2018. We have also doubled our pasture program across the state given the renewed interest in improved pasture production.

Flexi-N and K-Till continue to grow and we are excited to announce a new product in the K-Till range with higher levels of potassium. K-Till Max has been developed on the back of CSBP’s successful trial campaign that shows banding potassium is twice as effective as top dressing. K-Till Max now delivers 15 percent potassium and will be present in a number of trials in 2018.

New trace element formulations are also being trialed this season. These formulations are more compatible with Flexi-N and could make application much easier both at seeding and post emergence.

We are also pleased to announce that Nichola Jones has joined the trials team in 2018.  Nichola has helped organise our recent fertiliser dye night tour throughout the wheatbelt and is now busy seeding our trial program which kicked off on 26 April.

Justin Mercy
By Justin Mercy
- Field Research Manager
Since graduating from UWA in 1995 Justin has had several roles in the Agriculture industry mainly focusing on agronomy, research and product development.

Justin has been with CSBP for 6 years as the Product Manager and has recently taken on the position as Research Manager.  

Justin has a wide range of experience in Agriculture and is passionate about developing new products and services to help growers increase their efficiencies. 

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