Over the next five years CSBP will be involved in three GRDC funded projects ($8.3 million investment from GRDC) that will benefit CSBP fertiliser customers. The benefit is clearly seen when looking at the research gaps that these projects try to fill. The aims of the projects are (1) to increase fertiliser efficiency for the major nutrients (NPK) for various broadacre crops, (2) to consider the impact of current practices of soil amelioration on nutrient distribution and availability and (3) to investigate if new soil sampling methods are needed to better predict crop responses to fertilisers on various soil types and for various soil and crop management strategies. 

With the intention of continuing to provide the best nutritional advice to our customers, CSBP has committed five phosphorus and one potassium trial per year and is working closely with the leading researchers from various organisations (Dr Craig Scanlan, DPIRD/UWA , Prof Richard Bell, Murdoch University, Dr Phil Ward, CSIRO, Assoc. Prof Daniel Murphy, UWA, Dr Louise Barton, UWA, and many others) to apply project outcomes that could give our customers a better return on their fertiliser investment. 
This year’s field trials for GRDC are located in Dandaragan, Trayning, Williams, Mount Madden, Jingalup and Gnowangerup. Although CSBP has many more annual and long-term field trials to further explore effects of tillage on crop nutrition, test new fertiliser products and research trace element requirements etc, the GRDC trials will bring another dimension to our trials program. While CSBP is managing the GRDC trials, researchers will provide an independent data analysis and more in-depth knowledge, which CSBP will consider when giving nutrient advice to customers. 
For more info on the GRDC projects please contact: James Easton (james.easton@csbp.com.au) or Andreas Neuhaus (andreas.neuhaus@csbp.com.au

Andreas Neuhaus
By Andreas Neuhaus
- Agronomist (Data Analysis & Modelling)

Andreas joined CSBP in 2008 and brings 30 years’ experience in technical and scientific agricultural research and development to the role. Working closely with the research and agronomy teams his data analysis and modelling expertise has been an integral part of the development of NuLogic.

Andreas is actively involved in national and regional agronomy research projects, CSBP innovation projects and represents CSBP as a subject matter expert at industry conferences as well as writing technical articles for scientific publications.

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