With the resurgence of livestock in Western Australia, the focus has now shifted to improving our neglected pastures to boost productivity and lift stocking rates. CSBP’s Super Copper Zinc Molybdenum (Super CZM) has been a staple part of WA agriculture for decades and has proven to be the most effective way to boost trace elements in pastures (and crops).

In recent years, the importance of trace elements has been demonstrated across a number of trials both in broadacre and pasture. Growers have now accepted that trace elements are just as important as the macro nutrients. CSBP’s Super Copper Zinc Molybdenum has 9.1 P, 10.1 S and also contains high levels of Copper Zinc and Molybdenum (0.6 Cu, 0.3 Zn, 0.06 Mo). 

The other key strength of Super CZM is its extraordinary high number of active sites which means it has excellent distribution over the paddock. This is particularly important when you consider the mobility of the trace elements. Copper, Zinc and Molybdenum are all highly immobile nutrients and therefore plants need as much access to them as possible either through high active sites and/or mixing through the root zone.

Applying Super CZM in the pasture phase has also shown benefits to subsequent cereal crops. Cropping fertilisers generally contain much lower levels of trace elements and distribution through the soil is limited by their granular nature. By applying healthy rates of Super CZM in the pasture phase, TE levels can be increased more efficiently and effectively with the option to revert back to maintenance TE products in following years with a product such as Super Phos Extra.

The key to a good pasture fertiliser is nutrient ratio and high active sites. Super CZM delivers both and will continue to be a premium pasture fertiliser choice.

Justin Mercy
By Justin Mercy
- Field Research Manager
Since graduating from UWA in 1995 Justin has had several roles in the Agriculture industry mainly focusing on agronomy, research and product development.

Justin has been with CSBP for 6 years as the Product Manager and has recently taken on the position as Research Manager.  

Justin has a wide range of experience in Agriculture and is passionate about developing new products and services to help growers increase their efficiencies. 

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