Some of CSBP’s liquid fertilisers range are not compatible and should not be mixed. If you have any leftover liquid fertiliser stored in a tank, please ensure this product is compatible with the next product you intend to store in the tank, or alternatively make sure that the tank is completely empty and clean. Refer to your liquids paddock guide “Product compatibility” section for more information or call your Area Manager.

CSBP requests customers to maintain storage tanks in working condition as good protocol, in particular the level gauges. If level gauges are known to be faulty, we request customers inform CSBP so the carriers can be made aware before unloading. Tanks that have been used to store liquid fertiliser for more than seven years should be assessed for contamination and cleaned if necessary to avoid any complications when the product is applied in field. Tanks should be cleaned using high pressure water cleaners ensuring all OHS rules are followed.
By Mark Robinson
- Senior Product Manager

Agronomic insights

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