There has been increased demand from growers on the south coast to change fungicide use due to the outbreak of fungicide resistance. The resistance of Spot Type Net Blotch and Net Type Net Blotch to Flutriafol has called for an alternative fungicide suitable for coating onto fertiliser.

Available for coating at our Albany works from January 2019, Uniform® is registered as an in-furrow fungicide for control of both Net and Spot-type Net Blotch, Leaf Rust & suppression of Powdery Mildew in barley. Uniform controls Stripe Rust and suppresses Yellow Spot in wheat, and is registered for control of Rhizoctonia & Pythium root rot in both wheat and barley. Uniform coated onto fertiliser at similar rates as Flutriafol, will play a greater role from now on for control and suppression of root and foliar diseases in wheat and barley.

Image: Powdery mildew on wheat. 

By Mark Robinson
- Senior Product Manager

Agronomic insights

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