The 2019 CSBP field trials program includes a total of six canola and southern cereal trials and focuses on nitrogen rates and placement. Like many farmers, we have had to wait for opening rains to kick start the program.  Although a late start is not ideal, it is not the latest start we have experienced over the years, and hopefully consistent rain will fall through to harvest. 

Many of our 2018 nitrogen trials did not reach the top of the response curves in yield or grain protein.  This year, we’ve challenged previous benchmarks to see if we can reach our biological and economic yield potential.  

The Esperance mid-row banding trial has attracted the attention of growers all over the state, so this year we have added several trials looking at this relatively new concept.  We are testing the hypothesis that retained stubble from the previous season has a much greater effect on trapping applied nitrogen than we have previously thought. 

In line with our increased focus on new product development, we have added several product development trials in this year’s program.  These include nitrogen efficiency and phosphate efficiency products, and fungicide by nutrition trials.   
Justin Mercy
By Justin Mercy
- Field Research Manager
Since graduating from UWA in 1995 Justin has had several roles in the Agriculture industry mainly focusing on agronomy, research and product development.

Justin has been with CSBP for 6 years as the Product Manager and has recently taken on the position as Research Manager.  

Justin has a wide range of experience in Agriculture and is passionate about developing new products and services to help growers increase their efficiencies. 

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