CSBP has joined forces with the Department of Water Regulation, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, WA fertiliser companies and other industry groups on a federally funded 'Smart Farms Project'.  This four year project involves investigating and evaluating soil responsiveness to phosphate fertilisers in sensitive water catchments in the South West of Western Australia. The project also aims to develop grower confidence with regards to new and current fertiliser recommendations to ensure the most efficient and environmentally sustainable approach. 

Justin Mercy, Research Manager and Luke Dawson, Senior Agronomist represent CSBP in a Technical Research Group which helps design and establish trial sites from Oyster Bay to the Peel Harvey catchment.

These trials aim to validate the current phosphate response curves using new pasture varieties and lead to the development of improved pasture nutrition packages that are profitable and environmentally sustainable.  

Justin Mercy
By Justin Mercy
- Field Research Manager
Since graduating from UWA in 1995 Justin has had several roles in the Agriculture industry mainly focusing on agronomy, research and product development.

Justin has been with CSBP for 6 years as the Product Manager and has recently taken on the position as Research Manager.  

Justin has a wide range of experience in Agriculture and is passionate about developing new products and services to help growers increase their efficiencies. 

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