CSBP Fertilisers has committed to increasing the storage and despatch capacity of their flagship liquid nitrogen fertiliser, Flexi-N, at their Kwinana depot.

The construction of CSBP Fertilisers’ biggest storage tank to date, will provide a 50 per cent increase in Flexi-N storage capacity and enable the business to import and manufacture greater amounts of Flexi-N to reliably meet rising demand from WA growers.

The move to increase storage capacity follows last year’s continued increasing demand for nitrogen from WA growers, following a late winter rainfall.

CSBP Fertilisers General Manager Tanya Rybarczyk said CSBP Fertilisers had been working hard to ensure the local business continued to be the reliable, trusted supplier and service provider to its customers.

“We experienced about 50 per cent more nitrogen used in July and August in 2018 compared with the average of the last five years. We want to be in a position so that if the trend continues, we have reliable supply to meet grower demands” said Ms Rybarczyk.

Flexi-N was first introduced to the WA market by CSBP 17 years ago, as the first liquid nitrogen fertiliser for broadacre application. It now accounts for over half of CSBP’s total nitrogen sales with approximately 100 new growers using the product every year.

“We are always looking at ways to improve our service offering, and I’d like to think we are growing with our growers.

“The benefits of increased storage can only be realised if we can dispatch Flexi-N fast enough to meet the spikes in demand, which is why we have also committed to investing in an additional third dispatch station at Kwinana.

“This will significantly reduce waiting times and, coupled with our 24-hour operations, customers will be able to experience an easier to access and faster fertiliser loading service,” said Ms Rybarczyk.
The additional storage tank and despatch station are planned to support growers in the 2020 growing season, contingent upon the necessary regulatory approvals.

Media contact: Vaninka Vittiglia | 0429 543 148 | corpcomms@wescef.com.au

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