Our field trials team kicked off harvest in Carnamah yesterday. Nichola Jones (CSBP Agricultural Officer) and Ryan Guthrie (CSBP Senior Agricultural Officer) are on the ground looking after the entire harvest operation. 

This year they have 38 trials to harvest and expect they will finish in mid-December, as long as there are no major break-downs or issues. If the team encounter any issues with the harvester, it usually means they need to take a trip back to Perth for parts or to get it fixed. 
It’s a challenging two months driving their harvester (they’re limited to travelling at 90km per hour) from Binnu, north of Geraldton to as far south as Scaddan near Esperance but Nichola and Ryan enjoy the varied nature of the job.   
Ryan says “This year our research program focuses on reviewing nitrogen and potassium efficiency as well as fungicide by nutrition trials. I’m looking forward to receiving the grain yield results.”

Read more about our 2019 Field Trial Program or why we invest in field research 

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