Our priority at CSBP is the safety of employees, contractors, carriers, customers and the community. We are working to ensure you have the fertiliser you need to put your crops in the ground this season.

Our fertiliser supply hasn’t been impacted by Coronavirus (Covid-19) and we are ready for the fertiliser season ahead.
It’s important as a business we take the necessary precautionary steps to manage the potential risks of Coronavirus to both people and the business.
We are currently looking at how we can limit interactions and the potential spread of Coronavirus.
Your local area manager is still here to support you with nutritional advice, however we are trying to minimise all non-essential contact.
We have also implemented measures at our Works locations to limit interactions and the potential spread of Coronavirus, yet ensure continuity of fertiliser supply for CSBP customers.
As always, we’re still here to help. If you have any questions please contact your local area manager or phone us on 1800 808 728.
We will continue to provide regular updates over the coming weeks.
By CSBP Team
- CSBP Fertilisers

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