CSBP introduced Flexi-N into the WA market in early 2000's with fibreglass tanks as the only option for on-farm storage.

Fibreglass tanks typically come with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty and under normal use can expect about 20 years of useful life. So how do we know when they need replacing?

20 years on we are starting to experience leaking tanks as they fall due for replacement. This prompted a discussion about early warning signs of tank failure.

Fibreglass is renowned for high tensile strength and impact resistance resulting in few if any warning signs of structural degradation, usually small weeps or cracks appearing as the first and only signs.

Important for tank life longevity is ensuring the foundation sand pad is not getting undermined by wind and rain erosion. It is always recommended to place gravel or blue metal around the tank to limit this.

Current storage options are poly and fibreglass, Poly growing in popularity due to robustness if tanks were to be installed on a lease block for example. Conversely fibreglass tanks are manufactured up to 60,000L (~80t), whereas poly tanks max out at 50,000L (66t).

By Mark Robinson
- Senior Product Manager

Agronomic insights

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