2020 is shaping up to be a really good season in the Wandering, Williams and Darkan shires.

So far we have had an early May break, timely rainfall events, and plenty of nice clear days to be able to spray. There has been very little water logging and paddock trafficability has been good, so growers have had the ability to get over most, if not all paddocks, which is making a huge difference. 

With most cereals at mid tillering and canola at bud emergence, in-season nitrogen (N) requirements are being fine-tuned to meet higher than average yield potential due to favourable YTD rainfall and growing conditions.

Pastures are well established but the past few weeks of colder conditions have slowed growth. This provides an opportunity to lock up grassy pastures and apply 100L Flexi-N. Good rates of Nitrogen (100L Flexi-N +) over smaller areas produce greater growth response and total DM production compared to lower rates (20L-50L Flexi-N) over more hectares. If you want to discuss how N can be used to grow more please don’t hesitate to call.  Water runoff into dams has been minimal and will need to be monitored moving into summer.

Below is a photo of our Nitrogen Placement & K trial at Duff’s property in Williams. Planet Barley was sown on the 19th May and with current rainfall YTD and with an average to good finish we are aiming for a yield target of 6t/ha. 


Currently the 200L Flexi-N Banded treatment is showing significant colour and growth advantages over the 100L and 50L of Flexi-N banded. This highlights the potential for growers to increase N banding rates to maximise uptake efficiency and extend the post-season top-up window that allows you to play the season in high yielding environments. Plant test results have backed up the visual symptoms we have seen in the field.  It will be very interesting to see yield and protein results come harvest.