Soil is a critical asset to growers and can have a huge impact on productivity.

Acidity alone is estimated to cost WA growers about $1.5 billion annually. Healthy soil supports optimal crop growth, without nutrient losses to the environment. With good soil management it is possible to have productive agriculture while not only maintaining, but improving soil quality. Doing so first means understanding the current condition of the soil. 

We've created a guide for our trusted nutrition advisers that provides an updated snapshot of current soil conditions and trends in southwestern WA.

Using CSBP’s wealth of soil data, the booklet seeks to:

1. Raise awareness about likely yield-limiting factors in different agricultural areas in the south-west of WA
2. Highlight recent soil health and nutrition trends
3. Allow advisors and growers to benchmark soil results against regional values.

By completing an in depth soil sampling regime in conjunction with the reference manual, we can achieve both optimal crop yields, and soil preservation and enhancement for future generations. 

Talk to your local CSBP Area Manager about utilising this valuable reference guide for your fertiliser and ameliorant planning.



Scott Nelson
By Scott Nelson
- Agronomy Lead

Scott was raised in Narrogin on a farm at Nomans Lake. 

After a stint on the family farm, Scott also worked for several local rural and merchandise businesses and his own retail sporting business before joining CSBP in 2010, as an Esperance Area Manager.

Scott’s knowledge and passion for crop nutrition saw him move into the role of Agronomist for the Esperance and Eastern regions, and then to his current role as CSBP Agronomy Lead in 2018. 

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