For almost 100 years, our agronomists and field staff have been carrying out replicated field research on fertiliser and farming practices to better understand Western Australian soils and the potential that a season may bring.

As part of this research, we began trialling the use of liquid nitrogen fertiliser for broadacre application in Western Australia back in 1997. 

Inspired by the success of liquid nitrogen products in South Africa, we assembled a small group of customers to see if the product would prove successful on Western Australian soils and crops and help those growers to reach their yield potential.

Having proven a success, production of CSBP Flexi-N began just two years later in 1999. Product development continued and a Flexi-N product range was developed over subsequent years. Today the range includes Flexi-N 34, Flexi-NK and Liqui-NS.

Flexi-N is a premium clear liquid fertiliser that contains nitrogen in three forms: nitrate, ammonium and urea. The product was named Flexi-N because of the flexibility it gives growers to store and use it as needed throughout the season in any weather conditions. Due to the precision and ease of application, Flexi-N ensures the right rate is applied, at the right time, and in the right place. Good chemical and trace element compatibility ensures increased labour and machinery efficiency saving growers’ time and money.

With increasing crop demand for nitrogen fertiliser across the state, last year CSBP commissioned its biggest Flexi-N storage tank to date, and in doing so increased the Flexi-N storage and despatch capacity at its Kwinana site by 50 per cent.



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Since 1997 CSBP trials have compared Flexi-N to alternative nitrogen sources, banding to pre and post seeding applications and single compared to split applications. Other trials have looked at the benefit of late applications to cereals, the performance of tank mixes with pesticides and trace elements, and responses in pastures. These trials have shown that Flexi-N is a very effective nitrogen source with many applications.

In 2021 CSBP will run up to 35 trials featuring Flexi-N on canola, cereals and pastures. Trials will be located from Northampton to Condingup. These trials will focus on rates to drive production increases, and placement and application strategies to maximise nitrogen use efficiency and manage seasonal risk.

You can view trial results on our dedicated research results website.



Save time and gain peace of mind with streamlined tank monitoring.

Our dedicated innovation team focus on developing new products and services that have the potential to solve key challenges facing the industry.

For many, agriculture has become a major logistics operation, and making sure the right product, equipment and staff are in the right place at the right time has its challenges. In a bid to alleviate this problem, we have recently introduced a tank telemetry service to help growers across the state more effectively manage their Flexi-N supplies.

The service has been established in partnership with two leaders in the tank telemetry industry, FarmBot and GoannaAg.

The telemetry service allows growers to monitor their Flexi-N tank levels in the myCSBP portal. Using satellite connectivity relaying tank level data, growers can make informed management decisions plus save the time previously used travelling to check tanks. The service also means growers can quickly identify any theft or leakage of Flexi-N.

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