With 2020 behind us, CSBP trials are back in full swing this year with a packed program!

There are approximately 38 cropping trials and 7 pasture trials in the program this season covering a wide range of topics.

We are working in collaboration with grower groups, seed companies, consultants and key growers.  The program includes research topics, product development and also extension trials where the main aim is to demonstrate known research to our growers.

Nitrogen continues to dominate discussions with an emphasis on how hard we can push our yields and when do other nutrients start to become limiting?  Rates, placement and timing are also being investigated within these trials.

Potassium is also playing a major role once again in our trial topics and continues to generate interest amongst growers.

A big focus of our trial work is evaluating the long term effect and profitability of various fertiliser strategies namely potassium and nitrogen over multiple seasons and rotations.

CSBP is continuing to look at a number of product development topics in 2021 including trace elements, Humates and non-wetting products. We will continue to evaluate claims and investigate where there may be a fit for these products in Western Australian agriculture.

We are also continuing our investigations into Agtech through our trial program in 2021.  The Detect team will be utilising our trials to further refine their in-field nutrient detect devices currently under development.  We will also be continuing to assess the value of drone imagery and the ever increasing products becoming available such as emergence counts, crop heights, crop density and pasture assessment.

To view this seasons program and locations please visit our dedicated trials website CSBPresults.com.au or get in contact with your local CSBP area manager.


Justin Mercy
By Justin Mercy
- Field Research Manager
Since graduating from UWA in 1995 Justin has had several roles in the Agriculture industry mainly focusing on agronomy, research and product development.

Justin has been with CSBP for 6 years as the Product Manager and has recently taken on the position as Research Manager.  

Justin has a wide range of experience in Agriculture and is passionate about developing new products and services to help growers increase their efficiencies. 

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