1. Where did you grow up? What were you doing before you joined CSBP?
I grew up on my family farm just south of Geraldton on the Greenough flats. We had 15ha of rockmelons and a bit of broadacre crops as well. Before I joined CSBP I completed my degree of Agricultural Business Management at Muresk where I learned the basics of agricultural business and the challenges that growers face.

2. What influenced you to work in agriculture?
I was influenced to work in agriculture after growing up on our family farm. Farming has always been a part of the family with my grandparents being generational farmers.

3. How long have you been with CSBP and what’s the most rewarding part of your role?
I have been with CSBP for close to two years after starting in Esperance as a trainee and then moving to Geraldton. The most rewarding part of the role would be the end result when the headers are in the paddock and having discussions with growers about yield and how the system can improve for the future.

4. What have you enjoyed learning in your role?
What I have learned from the role is how important trials are to improving and better understanding how we can get the most out of WA soils, whether it’s to do with nutrients, chemicals or amelioration. It’s also really rewarding to see the growers takeaways from a trial that has outperformed the general yields in the area.

5. What are some highlights of your career to date?
One of the highlights from my life is going to South America for three weeks with AUSVEG. This company organised a young growers trip of South America to look at how the country is farming horticulture in a similar climate to WA. 

6. How are you involved in your local community? 
I’m involved in the Chapman Valley Football Club, Walkaway Tennis Club and the Dongara Squash Club. I enjoy the social side of being with my mates on the weekend, playing sport, and having a couple of beers. 

7. What do you do when you’re not at work?

When I’m not at work I’m usually either playing sport or on the family farm helping with whatever we have happening there. This can range from planting rockmelons to picking rockmelons, or doing seeding and harvest on our wheat crops.

8. What’s your favourite part about the area you live in?
My favourite part about Geraldton is the lifestyle that we have. Being able to spend the day in the country with the growers and then after work being able to go for a swim in summer is a lifestyle that not many other places have. 

9. What’s your favourite time of the growing season? 
My favourite time of the growing season is harvest. That’s when all the hard work has paid off and you can go and enjoy watching the crop get pulled off and see how the district went for the year.

You can contact Owen on 0427 456 029. 


Owen Metcalfe Geraldton Area Manager 








By CSBP Team
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