Fertiliser production is now underway for the 2022 growing season with CSBP's Kwinana facilities set to manufacture over 350,000 tonnes of locally developed phosphate products such as MacroPro Extra and Agras Extra. 

CSBP is the only manufacturer of cropping and pasture phosphate products in WA and has been manufacturing in Kwinana since 1967.

Production Superintendent Nicholas Pattrick has been working at CSBP for five years. Nic started as a vacation student in the chemicals part of the business before moving over to the fertiliser business, going through the graduate program and working as a process engineer for a number of years before taking on his current role as Production Superintendent. 

In his role, Nic supports the fertiliser manufacturing facilities at Kwinana looking after the granulation plant, super manufacturing plant and Flexi-N manufacturing. 

We spoke to Nic to get an update on what’s currently happening in fertiliser operations at CSBP. 

What’s happening in fertiliser operations? 

Our local manufacturing team is currently running all three Kwinana based production facilities; the Granulation plant, Super manufacturing plant and Flexi-N manufacturing. Our production and maintenance teams are working incredibly hard to keep our plants manufacturing at good rates with great product quality. The rest of the operations team are dedicated to completing maintenance for the upcoming season including improving our regional storage and despatch facilities. 

What maintenance has been completed in the Granulation plant over the last few months?  

For the past few months our Granulation plant was under an annual shutdown for critical maintenance. We made significant investments into our Granulation plant for both corrosion control and structural maintenance. The Granulation plant has a lot of rotating drums and vessels that need to handle corrosive liquids, so our team invests a lot of time into making sure these are thoroughly inspected, repaired, and operating in a reliable fashion before the peak manufacturing and despatch season ahead. 

Following this annual shutdown we started the plant back up on 6 October and it will now run through until June 2022 to meet fertiliser product and tonnage requirements for growers.  

What products are you focussing on making right now in the Granulation plant? 

We have been focusing on making Agras Extra, one of our most popular products, over the past few weeks. We’re also focusing on improving our K-Till range.  

We’re transitioning to a more optimised potassium K-Till product. What we are offering this year is a K-Till and K-Till Extra. Optimising the potassium chloride ratios in K-Till products can improve product quality. The intent behind these new K-Till compounds is that they provide a better balance between potassium concentration and the overall quality of the product.  

What’s happening in the Superphosphate manufacturing plant?  

We’re currently trying to make as much product as quickly as we can and get it to our regional works so it is available for customers. Getting product moved to our regional locations helps free up storage volumes throughout our Kwinana storage facility and thereby improves our overall ability to sure up product availability in the peak of the season

What do you enjoy most about your job at CSBP?

The thing I enjoy the most is it doesn’t matter what team you’re in, whether its production, maintenance or despatch, everyone genuinely cares about our customers and making sure we have good quality product that's available when customers need it. There’s a huge amount of passion in our team and it’s great to work in an environment where everyone bands together because we all share the same common goal. 

If you have any questions about our locally manufactured cropping products, speak to your CSBP area manager.

By CSBP Team
- CSBP Fertilisers

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