There is more to crop nutrition than nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P).


Crops take up nearly as much potassium (K) as N, and the removal of K in grain can be 30 to 50% more than P.

Sulfur (S) deficiencies in 2021 canola crops also highlighted that good crop nutrition considers all essential plant nutrients. 

MacroPro Extra and MacroPro Max supply NPK and S (with copper and zinc) in every granule, reducing the risk of costly nutrient deficiencies. The K is supplied in the sulfate of potash (SoP) form.

Both products have 0.1% copper and 0.2% zinc in every granule. 

MacroPro Extra is recommended where crops need as much P as K; MacroPro Max is recommended where the requirement for K is significantly higher than P.

The MacroPro product range has superior handling and application characteristics compared to blends, with a lower risk of uneven nutrient distribution and associated reduced returns. 



Abbey Gooch
By Abbey Gooch
- Account Manager

Abbey grew up on her family's farm in Bremer Bay and went on to study at Murdoch University where she graduated with a degree in Crop and Pasture Science, and Environmental Management and Sustainability.

After working in roles in Perth and Bremer Bay, Abbey joined CSBP in early 2020 in a customer service role at our Albany Works. She was appointed to the role of account manager for Gnowangerup in September 2020.

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