The growing season can be a very busy time of the year for everyone. It often leads to assumptions being made in decision making when there isn’t a clear enough picture of what’s happening on the ground.

It is not unusual for these assumptions to be shown to be incorrect at a time when it’s too late to fix them - this is especially true for nitrogen. 

For decades, CSBP has invested in crop and pasture nutrition research, product development and digital solutions to help growers manage risk, make more efficient fertiliser application decisions with confidence, and avoid making assumptions about nitrogen.  

CSBP Detect Plus is an evolution from the learnings of the recent CSBP Detect pilot program and the experience we’ve gained over these decades. 

CSBP Detect is the result of five years of local development and testing. It is a unique combination of near-infrared spectroscopy and machine learning, which allows it to measure plant nitrogen status and provide nitrogen recommendations in real-time. In a pilot from the 2021 season, CSBP Detect was shown to be valuable to a number of the growers involved, through its ability to help them to make decisions about mid to late growing season nitrogen applications. 

Growers involved in the pilot said it was “a powerful and timely tool”, “another option we have to drive profit and yield” and “useful in supporting our current practice”. A common problem statement that the pilot solved was that “I know I need to do more sampling but just never find the time”. The other key learning of the pilot was that CSBP Detect delivers the greatest value when used it in conjunction with other CSBP services. 

CSBP Detect Plus is the next stage of this journey, a full-service program for growers at the frontiers of production efficiency. CSBP will take care of the planning of samples (with grower input), the sampling process, analysis and recommendations. This ensures that growers have the information they need, when they need it, to be confident in their fertiliser decisions. 

Plan to outperform  

Using CSBP DecipherAg, our team will examine the historic performance of your cropping program through the zoning function to create a CSBP Detect sampling plan that will deliver a representative analysis and recommendation. 

Sampling starts with soil analysis 

  • Prepare for the season by understanding your paddock’s nutrient reserves with the power of NUlogic soil analysis.
  • The CSBP team will manage your sampling, analysis and recommendations for you.
  • Optimise your fertiliser plan to meet your paddock and crop needs, and ensure you’re using the right fertiliser, at the right rate, in the right place, at the right time. 

If you’ve already planned your soil sampling campaign, our team will work with you to select pre-sampled sites suitable for the CSBP Detect Plus program.   

Plant analysis and recommendations with NUlogic  

  • Plant analysis monitors nutrient uptake during the early stages of crop growth.
  • Spot growth problems early and adjust your fertiliser program to address limitations that may impact productivity and the effectiveness of in-season nitrogen application.

Real-time nitrogen recommendations with CSBP Detect

  • Get real-time nitrogen status and fertiliser recommendations with CSBP Detect.
  • Optimise your grain quality, yield potential, and returns from in-season nitrogen applications.
  • Results and analysis are delivered at regular intervals throughout the growing season so you can make fast and well-informed decisions.

Grain analysis and nutrient removal audit

Grain and yield analysis at harvest completes your crops’ performance evaluation. Identify nutrient deficiencies, measure nutrient removal, and review and analyse your fertiliser program as you plan for the next season. 

Data-driven decisions 

It has never been more important to have confidence in fertiliser decisions, manage risks, and make data-driven decisions for optimised returns. 

For informed decision making on your crop nutrition program, CSBP’s recommendation tools work best together to:  

1. Provide the complete picture of your crop's nutrition*,  

2. Identify soil or plant limiting factors for achieving best yield and protein levels,  

3. Sustainably optimise your returns. 

*wheat and barley 

Limited offer 

Ahead of the 2022 growing season, CSBP is pleased to offer CSBP Detect Plus to a limited number of customers. This service is available exclusively to CSBP customers, and is priced from  [$4.80/ha]. Register your interest today.


Graham Murray
By Graham Murray
- AgTech Services Lead
Graham comes from a strong and varied farming background having worked in the dairy, horticulture, broadacre grain and livestock production sectors. Prior to joining CSBP in 2017, Graham's focus was on the development of precision agriculture solutions; as an Integrated Solutions Manager for a major John Deere dealer in WA. Today Graham combines his practical understanding of farming systems with advanced technical knowledge, allowing CSBP to implement precision agriculture from a plot to a paddock scale.

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