The successful commissioning of a second solid fertiliser load point in Esperance, means CSBP Fertilisers now has the ability to increase instantaneous solid despatch capacity at the site by up to 75%.

The new facility, which came on line this week, streamlines the collection process for local customers and carriers, while supporting CSBP Fertilisers’ leading position in the WA Nitrogen market. 

Since 2018, CSBP Fertilisers has operated a single load point for solid fertilisers in Esperance, servicing the region’s pasture and broadacre markets, and despatching approximately 180,000 tonnes of both solid and liquid fertilisers annually.

General Manager of CSBP Fertilisers Mark Scatena said demand for urea in the region had increased 125% over the past five years, putting additional pressure on the existing facility, especially during the peak crossover period between seeding and nitrogen despatch.

“Listening to customers is incredibly important to ensure we’re constantly focused on improving the customer experience and identifying opportunities to best support them across reliability, experience and advice.  Our recent carrier survey showed that the single load point at Esperance constrained despatch capacity, with customers and carriers experiencing difficulties obtaining appointments to collect fertiliser in acceptable timeframes during peak season.”

“The new, additional despatch point will reduce wait times and provide easier access and a faster loading service.”

More broadly, Mr Scatena said that CSBP is responding to the increased demand from WA growers by investing over $100 million over five years in fertiliser infrastructure improvements and digital technology systems.

“By working closely with our stakeholders and customers, CSBP Fertilisers is committed to reinvesting across our production and despatch infrastructure and leveraging data and analytics to enable an improved customer experience.  Regional investment, such as Esperance, importantly reflects our continued support of the communities in which we operate.”


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Kelly Sherriffs

By CSBP Team
- CSBP Fertilisers

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