Where did you grow up and what inspired you to work in agriculture?
I grew up in Wyalkatchem on a hobby farm. The farming community there first piqued my interest, however, it was my studies at the Western Australian College of Agriculture Cunderdin, where I was Head Girl and awarded Dux of the school, that really cemented my passion for agriculture.

What are you looking forward to most in your new role as an account manager?
I really look forward to gaining as much knowledge as possible and passing this on to farmers.

Why did you want to work for CSBP?
CSBP has a great reputation among the farming community as a trusted, reliable, and knowledgeable fertiliser manufacturer and supplier. Already my new role has allowed me to align my work with my studies (I am currently studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management), so I can accommodate both without having to compromise on my passions.

Where were you working before joining CSBP?
Primarily working on a lot of different farms learning cropping, harvesting and even livestock agriculture. I also worked for a machinery dealership for a time.

What do you like to do when not at work?
I love to play sports, especially netball. In Moora, I am very much part of the sporting community, playing tennis and hockey as well as netball. I have also recently joined the
Moora Pasture Improvement Group to socialise and learn.

What’s your favourite part about the town you live in and how are you engaged with your local community?
My favourite part is definitely the community at Moora. The sporting community, for example, is very lively and inclusive, they are proactive with events and on their social media - which makes everyone very excited to play sports and socialise.

What are some highlights of your career to date?
When attending WA College of Agriculture Cunderdin, my classmates and I went to Albany for the Gate 2 Plate Challenge, where we learnt from farmers about some of the career opportunities within the agricultural industry in WA. I loved engaging with farmers and learning about their aspirations and the challenges they face with their products. The whole event was really enlightening and a fun few days — a highlight of my studies to date.

How do you keep up to date with the latest agronomy news and trends?
Podcasts! I love them, they are really informative and an easy way to pass the time while driving.

What’s something not many people know about you?
When I was twelve, I went to Melbourne for Karate and won third place in the Australian Championships.

What’s your favourite bakery or bakery order?
Bindoon Bakehaus – the chicken and leek pie is not to be missed.



Emily Hourigan
By Emily Hourigan
- Trainee Account Manager - Nutrition & Sales
Emily comes form a strong farming community, spending her younger years on a hobby farm in Wyalkatchem.

Later Emily grew her studies at the Western Australian College of Agriculture: Cunderdin, where Emily achieved the position of Head Girl and DUX in her graduating year - cemented her passion for agriculture. 

As a trainee Account Manager for CSBP, Emily looks forward to immersing herself in the ongoing training provided by CSBP, accompanying her studies at UWA for Commerce. Through this, Emily wishes to gain as much knowledge as she possibly can so she can pass this back to WA farmers. 

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