Where did you grow up and what inspired you to work in agriculture?
I grew up on a farm at South Burracoppin, just Southeast of Merredin. Growing up in that environment has led to a solid and long-standing interest in this exciting industry.

Why did you want to work for CSBP?
I started with the Wesfarmers group when it was still Wesfarmers Landmark. Working under that banner was a very memorable and positive experience. So, when I was looking to spend more time in the WA agricultural industry, knowing that CSBP was owned by Wesfarmers held a lot of appeal for me.

What are you looking forward to most in your new role as Agronomy Manager?
I am really looking forward to spending more time back in the agricultural industry. Getting reacquainted with the many friends and contacts I made during my first stint in ag, and meeting new people in the industry.

Where were you working before joining CSBP?
I spent eight years in ag, then fifteen years in retail and the most recent two years in the energy industry. However, throughout my career I have maintained some part time involvement in the ag industry. I have found a lot of value in experiencing other industries and businesses, of which I hope I can bring some benefit of that back to this role.

What do you like to do when not at work?
I take any opportunity to be on or in the ocean. I also enjoy cooking and a bit of downtime when I can.

What are some highlights of your career and life to date?
My life highlights are my family, and I am very fortunate to have travelled extensively. My career highlights have been the variety of experiences I’ve had from working across different industries, the great people I have met and the knowledge I have built along the way.

Is there anything you want to achieve while working at CSBP?
I am very keen to work with the CSBP team to drive some great agronomy and research outcomes for our customers. I hope my contributions will help the industry overall.

How do you keep up to date with the latest agronomy news and trends?
CSBP’s resources are helping me as I move into the nutrition space. And while the usual press is great reading, I am leaning more towards digital offerings, with Twitter a
particular new focus for me.

What’s something few people know about you?
In my school days I was fortunate enough to row in a crew that won the Head of the River.

What’s your favourite bakery or bakery order?
Jurien, Bakers Hill, Augusta. Happy with any steak pie, and maybe the occasional jam and cream donut.


Tim Day
By Tim Day
- Agronomy Manager

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