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In-Season Imagery

In-Season Imagery is a specialised feature of FERTview that builds on the valueable farm management data available to you. It allows you to look at your farm using high-resolution satellite NDVI imagery to pinpoint in-paddock variability and issues on a month by month basis, which can better inform fertiliser decisions and farming practices.

Some of the key functionality allows you to identify;

  • seeding issues
  • changes in crop varieties
  • old fence line corners
  • missing runs, and
  • issues outside the growing season.

As well as compare;

  • a single site over three years
  • growth and rainfall at two sites, and
  • a single paddock over three years

To subscribe to In-Season Imagery log into your myCSBP account > Nutritional Services > Services Purchases and follow the prompts. To access In-Season imagery, select any FERTview feature, and click on the layers button at the bottom. 

Not a FERTview user? Contact your local area manager to get setup and discover new ways to manage your on-farm nutrition or find out more here.