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FERTview features

With FERTview you can stack multiple layers of data; including

• Biomass imagery
• Rotation plans
• Yield data ( if loaded by you)
• Samples site
• Sample sites and associated data will always be viewable on top of any other layer
You can request updates to your farm’s maps via the platform, streamlining the update process and taking away paper forms.

Please note: digitisation of new maps and updates will incur a cost.

Interact better with your samples: 

• View which years paddocks were sampled
• View nutrient data at paddock & site level
• colour sample sites/paddocks showing current and historical nutrient status
• Create and export sample jobs to CSBP sample Pro and sampling contractors
• View nutrient trends over time

FERTview also allows the below basic planning functionality:

• Plan crop rotations
• Add fertilisers plans to crop plans allowing quick crop planning and fertiliser forecasts
• Fertiliser requirements can be grouped by farm and printed out as a report
• Manage fertiliser by farm to aid logistics planning
• Create a plan and simply click and apply to the map makes this task extremely fast and simple
CSBP will provide up to 5 years’ worth of biomass imagery at a farm level and a paddock level.

This layer can be turned on or off and viewed in conjunction with other layers e.g. yield, samples.

How to access FERTview

Once you've been set up by your CSBP Area Manager, you can access FERTview through the myCSBP portal or click to register your interest below