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NUlogic Soil and Plant Analysis

CSBP’s NUlogic Soil and Plant Analysis provides the complete service to collect and submit your samples for testing. With the input of local knowledge and over 40 years of trials data, NUlogic Soil and Plant Analysis provides a comprehensive agronomic and economic analysis of your nutrient levels, for which to base fertiliser decisions. 

Managing your farms nutrition with CSBP

Soil analysis prior to crop establishment provides an estimate of what nutrients should be available to plants. Nulogic soil analysis provides you with a comprehensive recommendation taking into account environmental and economic factors. Find out more.

NUlogic Soil Analysis

NUlogic Plant Analysis provides a direct measure of nutrient availability to all crops and pastures. It is designed to complement soil analysis to determine fertiliser requirements. NUlogic Plant Analysis monitors nutrient uptake in crops during the season, and provides an accurate measure of trace element status in soils. Find out more.

NUlogic Plant Analysis         


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To request a pack, contact your local CSBP Area Manager

Submit your CSBP soil and plant samples at the click of a button with our iPhone app. Find out more about the Sampling Pro app