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In-Season Imagery

In-Season Imagery is a specialised feature of FERTview that builds on the valueable farm management data available to you. 

In-Season Imagery
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Latest News

  • The residual value of phosphorus

    The 2017 growing season has proved to be a very challenging one for growers in the central to northern wheat belt with decile 1 growing season rainfall in most areas. Read more.
  • Flexi-N in a lower rainfall season

    To get the best return on investment in such a tough year as 2017, it is important to be mindful about improving efficiency and effectiveness of post-emergent N applications on crops that are worth topping up. Read more.
  • 2017 trials and tissue test revelations

    Yield might be king but crop yields don’t tell us whether we are using fertilisers efficiently. To do this we need to look at how well nutrients are making their way into the plant. Read more.