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Whether it’s product certainty, flexibility or price, we have a range of offers to suit your needs.

By completing your forecasts for the season and submitting your Fertiliser Sales Agreement (FSA), you can unlock the benefits of our Market Offers. Submit your FSA by 31 October 2017, and you’ll also receive access to CSBP’s Nutrition Services Rebate and Nutrient Assurance.

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Nutrition Services Rebate

$3 per tonne credit towards the costs of NUlogic Soil and Plant Analysis, FERTview In-Season Imagery, and Digital Farm Maps.

Nutrient Assurance

Priority and assurance that the CSBP products or the comparable nutrient tonnes you have forecasted will be available for collection or delivery.

Terms available^

  • Payment terms available for the month after collections
  • All Flexi-N collected between 1 September 2017 and 31 December 2017 will receive payment terms of 25 January 2018.
Loyalty Rewards

At CSBP we value our loyal customers. Which is why we would like to say thanks for supporting our business,
and invite you to enjoy the rewards.

If you complete your Fertiliser Sales Agreement (FSA) by 31 October 2017, we’ll reward you for every purchase you make of CSBP products and services. In addition to the $3/t Nutrition Services Rebate you’ll receive on your 2018 season purchases, as part of the standard Market Offers, we’ll also reward you with an additional $5/t on your 2017 season purchases.

View Loyalty Rewards terms and conditions

You can activate your rebate against the following CSBP services:

  • NUlogic Soil Analysis
  • NUlogic Plant Analysis
  • Digital Farm Maps
  • FERTview In-Season Imagery

You’ll also receive:

  • Priority access to products and technology
  • An exclusive invitation to agricultural study tours

Offer 1

Offer 2

Offer 3

Set Price Contract*
Pay Now, Collect Later (PNCL)*
Supply Contract*
  • Agreed price when you place your order
  • Supply certainty
  • Pick up in your chosen month
  • Pay on collection
  • Ability to combine with another offer
  • Access to CSBP’s exclusive Nutrition Services Rebate
  • Pay when you place your order
  • Supply certainty
  • Free no hassle storage and pickup during
    collection windows**
  • Ability to combine with another offer
  • Access to CSBP’s exclusive Nutrition Services Rebate
  • Commit to buying a fixed amount of fertiliser,
    but benefit from variable price based on
    market conditions
  • Pay on collection
  • Ability to combine with another offer
  • Access to CSBP’s exclusive Nutrition Services Rebate
Submit your fertiliser sales agreement via myCSBP

There are two ways to enter your forecast


Quick and easy way to submit a forecast for registered users.

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For customers who haven’t requested access to myCSBP yet.

If you have any queries about our Market Offers simply call your CSBP Area Manager to find out more.

* Note all of the offers have limited tonnes available.

** PNCL Collection Windows – Pre-seeding October 2017 – March 2018; Post-seeding April 2018 – September 2018.

^ Subject to credit approval, contact your local Area Manager

Fertiliser Sales Agreement terms and conditions  


Market Offers

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