Benefits of soil testing

Why test soil?

Fertilisers can comprise up to 30 percent of farm expenditure so it is important to use the right fertiliser, the right amount in the right place on the farm. Soil testing provides important information on which to base fertiliser decisions.

  • The cost of under fertilising can often be far greater than the cost of over fertilising.
  • The best way to get more impact for your fertiliser dollar is to assess what your crops nutrient requirements are before you spend that fertiliser dollar.
  • The only way to assess your crops nutrient requirements is to soil test.

A fertiliser programme based on regular soil sampling will help to eliminate any costly production losses due to nutrient limitations or wastage where fertiliser applications are not required. Testing over time, combined with testing across many sites, builds a picture of where nutrient imbalances need to be addressed and where fertiliser and soil ameliorants will be most cost effective.

Area Manager undertaking soil sampling

What is NUlogic Soil Analysis?

Soil analysis prior to crop establishment provides an estimate of what nutrients should be available to plants. Nulogic Soil Analysis provides a comprehensive agronomic and economic analysis of your nutrient levels and requirements including nitrate (NO3-) and ammonium nitrogen (NH+4), phosphorous (P), sulphur (S), potassium (K), phosphorus buffering index (PBI) and the increasingly important pH.

For customers purchasing CSBP fertilisers, accredited NUlogic Advisors interpret the soil test results and provide comprehensive fertiliser recommendations.

CSBP’s NUlogic Soil Analysis program uses over 40 years of trial data to analyse soil samples and make recommendations. NUlogic takes into account any summer rainfall and economic factors (price of commodities) to provide you with informed fertiliser and lime recommendations (where required).

NUlogic Soil Analysis provides optimised fertiliser rates, timing, placement and products. NUlogic soil and plant tissue testing are embedded in the value-add service tools of CSBP to benefit growers by giving customised nutritional insights all year round.

Benefits of soil testing

  • NUlogic Soil Analysis leads to more informed fertiliser decisions, reducing risks and increasing farm profitability in the long-term.
  • Reveals the amount of plant-available macro-nutrients in the soil and where soil nutrients are in the soil profile
  • Identifies nutrients that could be yield limiting
  • Monitors soil health properties such as pH, EC and OC, which affect nutrient availability to crops and thereby yields and profitability
  • Provides a basis for variable rate application (VRT)
  • Supports decisions about fertiliser rate, timing, placement and product
  • Improved knowledge of the soil types within your farm to maximise management options
  • Maximises your in-season responsiveness

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