How to soil sample

Your guide to soil sampling this season

Soil analysis prior to crop establishment provides an estimate of what nutrients should be available to plants. NUlogic soil analysis provides you with a comprehensive recommendation taking into account environmental and economic factors. Watch Stuart talk us through how to soil sample. 


Tips for soil testing

When taking soil samples, three key principles should be kept in mind:

  • Sample numbers should be representative for the area and sample cores should be taken in a zig zag or W pattern.
  • Combine twenty soil cores from between the rows for each sample and send to an ASPAC accredited laboratory like the CSBP Soil & Plant Laboratory
  • Subsoil samples are recommended for pH, K, S. Subsoil samples should be analysed to improve fertiliser and ameliorant recommendations. It can also identify other chemical sub soil constraints such as sodicity, salinity, boron toxicity etc.


Agronomic insights

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