Enhance your pastures this Autumn and explore what fertiliser is best for you.

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Applying quality fertilisers can enhance the growth of young stock and increase feed reserves in paddocks.

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  • Receive free storage until 31 May 2022

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Autumn Pasture Offer 2022


Our recommended products 

Super Phos Extra

Super Phos Extra is a cost-effective option to return vital nutrients and trace elements to soil that have been removed over time. Every granule contains maintenance levels of copper and zinc for improved pasture and livestock productivity.

Super SR Extra 

Super SR Extra is a specialised pasture fertiliser developed by CSBP for lighter soils to increase pasture productivity while reducing the risk of fertiliser loss. This sustained-released fertiliser contains a low, water-soluble phosphate in combination with major nutrients phosphorus, sulfur, calcium and trace elements. 


Flexi-N is a premium high analysis liquid nitrogen fertiliser that can boost the production of grassy pastures. Flexi-N allows for superior precision of applied nitrogen while providing you with the flexibility to apply compatible trace elements and chemicals at the same time, saving paddock passes.

Annual pasture production fertiliser strategies 

Annual pasture production fertiliser strategies

Pasture composition and stocking rates

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