What we support

Our theory of change

We are for regional West Australia and play an active role in supporting sustainable agricultural communities.

Our community investment program is driven by shared value as a business strategy identifying opportunities to create commercial value by achieving social ends. 

We're focused on..


Wellness and safety

Aligned with Wellness at WesCEF project



Capability building, focusing on future talent pipeline, research and innovation partnerships



Women in Ag and STEM programs


Grass roots

Regional or local initiatives supporting sports, culture and education

Who we support

We support organisations that align with our values, enhance our reputation and share our commitment to shared value. Measuring impact is also important for us, and we value working with organisations that understand how they make a difference in regional communities. 

How we support

We make lasting impact to communities in which we live and work through financial contribution to long-term partnerships, sponsorships or donations, in-kind services, employee involvement and voluntary donations

What business results we expect from our long-term partnerships

We expect measurable economic benefits by identifying and addressing social problems that intersect with our business.

Become our community partner

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Our community partners

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