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Community investment

We have a proud history of investing in local communities, and continue to have a long term commitment to playing an active role in regional WA to support sustainable and successful agricultural communities.

Our community investment spans over two key areas: 

1. Partnerships and sponsorships
2. Agricultural sustainability

Partnerships and sponsorships

We partner with and sponsor a large range of local community groups, sporting clubs, schools, and community initiatives that contribute to the vitality of regional WA.

Perth Scorchers

In our twelfth year of supporting junior regional cricket, we’ve teamed up with the Perth Scorchers to deliver a quality regional cricket program supporting local schools and clubs. 

Through a network of regional cricket managers and officers the partnership helps to develop country youngsters and our future cricket stars through skills training in batting, bowling and catching.

And at the heart of it all, we’re big cricket fans here at CSBP and are proud to keep the passion in Australian sports thriving!

Grass roots

Sponsoring grass roots initiatives is part of our commitment to sustainable regional WA communities – from the sponsorship of local sports clubs to community forums.

Our focus is planted on sponsoring organisations that align with our values and commitments particularly in the areas of community health and wellbeing, youth education, environmental and agricultural sustainability. 

Agricultural sustainability 

Agriculture is our game and our passion so it’s only natural that we have a strong drive for agricultural sustainability.

Farm improvement groups

We work closely with farm improvement groups around WA to facilitate the adoption of the best farm management practices, including efficient fertiliser use.  We are long -term sponsors of Mingenew-Irwin Group, Evergreen Farming, Liebe Group, Facey Group and WANTFA, which has allowed us to continue to develop products and services in partnership with leading farmers to improve fertiliser efficiency and yield profitability. 


We’re also Fertcare® accredited, which is an industry program supporting efficient and environmentally responsible use of fertilisers. It’s a joint venture between the Australian Fertiliser Services Association (AFSA) and the Fertiliser Industry Federation of Australia (FIFA) that we are proud to be a part of.