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Custom Blend Service

We offer custom blends of fertiliser to meet your unique soil and plant needs.

With our custom blends, we can: 

  • Find the right combination of fertiliser products to suit your situation.
  • Recommend compatible product combinations to make handling and storage easy for you.
  • Add granular trace elements including copper sulphate, zinc sulphate, manganese sulphate, kieserite (magnesium sulphate), magnesium oxide, k-mag, granular boron, cobalt sulphate and selenium chip.
  • Add cobalt and selenium for animal production. You may need to check the best rates for your situation with your vet.
  • Add Alosca® granular inoculants to improve fixation of crop and pasture legumes 
Our custom blends can be formulated to meet the needs identified in your CSBP NUlogic soil and plant analysis.